Custom livestock and pet digital oil paintings

Many moons ago, when I was a young teenager growing up in Zimbabwe, I sold my very first artwork. A simple charcoal nude drawing on tobacco paper. Decades later, I have been drawn back to art in a form that allows me to explore both my photography, and my painting.

This mule foal digital oil painting is based off a photograph that I took up in Meadow Lake, Colorado several weeks ago. I edited the image to reach the color densities and contrasts that I like, and then used photoshop and my nifty Wacom art tablet, which acts like a sketch pad, to create the digital oil painting.

I am now offering custom art pieces of your livestock and pets to clients that want something a little different. I do not offer these as digital downloads, only as prints on canvas, or acrylic pieces done at my professional printer in Canada, because I do not want these printed at Walmart, or Costco and them coming out with non-true color.

I love the process, and it takes me around a week of work to develop each piece from the photograph that I take to the final product. Contact me to find out more about these digital art pieces and if you would like a custom piece for your home. My images will print up to any size (Hello billboard of your favorite pup in your front drive!)

Thanks for reading and I look forward to working with you soon!