Why I don't share your family on social media if you don;t want me to

There are a lot of photographers making angry posts in social media photography groups when parents do not want the photographer to share their child's images in their portfolio, publicly on the internet.

Photographer rants range from; "but they're my images, I took them so I can do what I want", to "I will just post them anyway, what are they going to do", to "urgh, I would never take on a client like that!" OR, even worse - "charge them double".

This makes me so angry.

While the photographer always owns the copyright to their imagery (unless they sign away commercial rights), they are taking those images for a paying client - a client that loves that photographer's work but for very valid reasons, doesn't want their family or kids publicly on the internet. Many parents nowadays don't and it is completely ok.

So, when you book a photographer, if you do not want to sign a model release for your kids, let your photographer know - any real professional will say 'no problem' - if they don't run far and find yourself someone who will respect your wishes.

We photographers can always find people willing to pose for us and share their photos on the internet - and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

It's not rocket science, it's good business.