Wow, what a session. I chose to photograph Janessa at a nearby park in Aspen, to capture the beautiful leaves giving their final fall performance before they drifted off the trees. A few days before her session, Aspen decided to be Aspen and dumped a bucketload of snow right in my shooting spot. I spent the next two days hoping that it kept cold enough to keep the ground hard - because no-one wants to be shooting in mud right??

When we got there, everything was perfect, from the early evening light to the crisp white snow and burnt orange leaves. The little sprinkle of snow really helped. Doing my first image cull, the photos above caught my eye, and wow, they did not disappoint.

As a professional photographer, I like to keep my portrait sessions as close to the colors that came right out of the camera. I don't want to change the color of my client's skin tones, nor subdue the vibrancy of the world that God gave us. I do not use bought presets to change image colors, in fact I don't like using them at all. You can kind of tell that wen you scroll through my instagram - you can actually see the seasons I shot in throughout the year - the almost neon green hues of spring, the burned yellows of summer, and the rainbow hues of fall. But, I have ot say, I think winter is my favorite season to shoot in, the drama of the white snow against warm skin tones makes my heart sing.

I hope you enjoy these images as much as I loved making them.

Until next time!