Homecoming for our favorite foster

Many of you have read about Livvy, the horse deemed feral, found at the kill pen that we fostered for a couple of months, fattened up and loved on before she went out for adoption.

Her adopters returned her. The perfect home wasn’t perfect enough for our Livvy, so she has returned home to us, where she will live out the rest of her life. 

When we went to fetch her, the old, grumpy Liv we know and love turned her butt towards me when I tried to put the halter on, and a bribe of treats was required before the queen of mean allowed me to put her halter on.

She walked out to our trailer and hopped in like she had been planning on taking a trip for months, and we were off. After the journey of several hours, we got home, opened the trailer and out she jumped like she owned the place. She strolled into the pasture with Tiz, her old friend, and the new horse she hadn’t met yet and, after a quick run around, got down to the serious business of eating.

I stare over the fence at her. There is something a bit different about Livvy after these couple of months away. She is a little stiffer on her hind legs, a little slower to turn, a little more ready to stand in the pasture and stare. She is a little more spooky, and her coat has lost its healthy sheen. The abscess is back on her jaw.

There is something different about our Livvy, and I don’t like it.

Time for a vet visit.

But, I am so glad she is home. Our hearts were a little lighter without her.