Taking photos of kids is not always easy!

Taking photos of your kids and grandkids can be tricky, especially when they are small and fast, or big and unimpressed! Many people have got into photography because they bought a camera to capture their kids/grandkids growing up, but their photos don't always come out right. Here are some easy tips to nab those photos on your phone or camera during those important family moments, that cute face, or the silly thing they did. These tips are good for any type of camera or phone.

  1. Photography literally means painting with light. Try and get the kids in a place that is either in full shade, or as much shade on their face as possible so that your camera calculates its settings by their faces and you get even lighting. If you have no shady spot, keep their backs to the sun when outside. Avoid dappled tree light.
  2. Give them something to do. This can be playing with a toy, jumping on the trampoline, playing with their siblings, and friends. If you are trying to get a solo shot of one child, get them to tell you a story. The best photos are unposed and natural.
  3. Grab some props or costumes! For example grab their favorite superhero costume on Amazon, or make one at home and get them involved so that by the time you have the costume/prop they are super excited.
  4. We live in an age of digital, rather take too many images than too few. You can always delete, but you cannot capture a moment again.
  5. Always focus on their eyes, If they are still young, or babies, get a squeaky toy to grab their attention - put it under your foot and squeak it like that while you hold your camera.
  6. Get down to their level. Take photos on the floor with your kids/grandkids . The very best photos make you feel like you are in the room playing with them.
  7. If you are going to try and get your kids/grandkids to pose, do it quickly and make a game out of it. Try the 'who can stay still the longest' game with a treat reward, get them to strike a pose or pull a face and then make a serious face - do that enough and you will get relaxed real smiles. Don't try for longer than 5-10 minutes at a time!
  8. Snap photos in the early morning or early evening when the light is still soft and shadows are not so harsh.
  9. If you are using a camera, photograph your fast-moving kids/grandkids in sport mode - this will make sure your shutter speed is high enough to capture those crazy shenanigans.
  10. Have fun in sessions, you want your kids to look forward to doing sessions, not dread them. Laugh, make jokes, allow them to act the fool. Make a game out of it!

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P.S If your little one has a birthday coming up, here are a few tips from my brilliant Dubai-based photographer friend, Jo Cole on creating a home cake-smash! : https://www.jocolephotography.com/single-post/2020/04/13/How-to-create-your-own-cake-smash-photo-shoot-at-home Jo was the very first professional photographer who took me on board and used me as a second for some of her wedding shoots! If you're ever on holiday in Dubai and want to grab a few photos, drop her a message on her page.