A Bright Future for Olivia the Rescue Horse

I am so excited. Olivia, the rescue horse that came to us a terrified bag of bones on January first, has made an incredible recovery and has a bright, beautiful future ahead of her.

If you don't know her rescue story, click here for my post on her first week out of hell.

Olivia lived with us for three months and became a family favorite. However, due to her DSLD, she was not suitable for us to keep (trust me, we would have loved her to be a foster fail!). She was a bright, sassy face that greeted us with a 'where's my breakfast' neigh every morning and was the first to come and welcome you on her terms. She was the bright spot of my mornings, and I loved seeing those mismatched eyes.

She bonded with my TB rescue mare, and they were inseparable (to the point that if I tried to train my mare, Liv had to be right there behind her every step of the way).

She had to show sass every time you tried to halter her, and walked away from you for the first few minutes before stopping and letting you do whatever you wanted with her.

She fell in love with my son and far preferred him to anyone else, letting him sit on her bareback and bridle-less and groom her without putting a foot wrong. We learned she had reining training and the lightest touch on the reins would get her scooting backwards, sideways, or any way you wanted.

My husband fell in love with her and he believes she was once someone's champion before they threw her away. He may have secretly been giving her treats when no one was looking.

We spent a long time wondering if anyone would adopt a mid-teens horse with light DSLD, as she is only suitable for a companion home or a home for kids that only want to walk and trot. We realized it would be a miracle for her to find the perfect home.

Well, that miracle happened! Our lovely Livvy Lumps, as she is affectionately known, has found her forever home as a special needs kids pony in a home that will love and care for her forever, thanks to Long Road Home Horse Rescue. We could not be happier, but if her new owners ever tire of her, we will be here for her to retire to (once we have a little more space)! #justsaying

A happy ending to what could have been a terrible, traumatic end for her. I hope deep in my heart that whoever dumped her at the kill pen for meat sees how well she is doing and maybe has a change of heart from ever sending another horse for meat - although I doubt it.

THIS is why horse rescues exist, to give a chance to those that have been thrown away by owners who can no longer be bothered. The kill pen is the cheapest and easiest way to dispose of them - and hey, they may even get a few bucks out of it.

Livvy Lumps the wonder horse

Just chillin