Volunteering at Rifle Animal Shelter was my monthly highlight

The hardest part of moving away from the Roaring Fork Valley, Colorado was leaving all fo the wonderful staff and animals at Rifle Animal Shelter behind. Over the last 18 months, I photographed hundreds of their adoptable animals, several of their fund-raising events, and created, designed and photographed a fund-raising calendar for them.

I celebrated with the staff when the animals found homes, and cried when they were returned over and over through no fault of their own. I watched as animals found their forever homes and their personalities blossomed and I may have brought home a couple of them myself. Thanks to Rifle Animal Shelter, my (sworn cat-disliking) husband now has to put up with a cat on his pillow every night purring him to sleep (don't tell anyone he actually loves her), and an extremely faithful Australian Shepherd with big soulful begging eyes and a penchant for attacking all moving trucks.

I hope that I can find another shelter in the Littleton/Highlands Ranch/Roxborough Park area that might like a volunteer photographer. If you know any, drop me a message!

Some of my favorite images

rifle animal shelter, margaret, dog, denver, flowers
Aspen Animal Shelter, dog
rifle animal shelter, dog, fire department
Malcolm the librarian, denver
Puppy by Georgina Ford Photography
Georgina Ford Photography, cat, adoptables, rifle animal shelter
junkyard dog, Georgina Ford Photography
Jeeper, Georgina Ford Photography
New Castle Police Department, Georgina Ford Photography
Above and Beyond Services, Georgina Ford Photography
The doc, dog, Georgina Ford Photography
I Arruft you in the name of the law, Georgina Ford Photography
The Rancher, Georgina Ford Photography
Dogtown Mayor, Georgina Ford Photography