Working with Silt Police Department

I began working with Silt Police Department in late 2018, volunteering to photograph its events. I photographed both of their Camp Badge kids summer camps held in June and August 2019. Camp B.A.D.G.E is a Jr. Police Academy for children in 3rd-8th Grade, started by Detective Sergeant Josh Uhernik in 2009. The camp teaches kids firearms safety, basic tactics, how to identify drugs, and what to do if they need help. It is open to kids in the Silt area and happens every Summer.

I also photographed the Silt PD Bike Rodeo, where the Department gives out donated kids bikes to community kids, as well as teaching them the 'rules of the road' for bikes.

After working with the Department for several months, one of the team approached me to ask if I could assist them with photos that could be used for their operations to combat human trafficking on the i70 corridor. As a mother, this is something I feel passionately about, the horrors these adults and kids endure is beyond horrific. I went through my photo libraries and any photos I thought could be used, I contacted the original clients for their written permission for the police to use the images. Client safety and privacy is obviously the most important part of my business and it is essential to get client consent.

I want to thank Silt PD for inviting me to work with them over the last 18 months and am sorry we had to leave the Roaring Fork Valley behind. I sure will miss Camp B.A.D.G.E this year.

I guess this makes me police approved!!