I'm a business and I have never had branding photos done before, what is branding photography?

Branding photography is professional photographs that visually represent your business. Branding photoshoots can include headshots of you and your team, your products, your processes, before and after shots of a project (from a haircut to a house!), as well as your working space.

Why do I need branding photographs?

Have you ever been browsing through social media, LinkedIn, or Google looking for a plumber, or a hairdresser and found a bunch of listings? Some of those listings have no photos, some of them have unprofessional, blurry or badly lit photos, and just one has professionally-taken photos that show you the people, and the business itself. Which listing is most likely to grab your attention? This is what branding photography does for you - it makes your potential clients take a closer look at what you do. It makes your business look professional, and shows your potential clients that YOU mean business. Good business photography is just as important as good reviews.

But I'm just a small business - do I still need professional photos?

Absolutely yes. No matter the size of your company you want to stand out amongst your competition, and gain that extra edge. I have different packages to suit each and every businesses needs.

Ok, I get it, but I am so nervous in front of the camera. My photos won't look good.

Every single one of my clients has felt the same as you, I have never met anyone (who is not a professional model) that loves the camera. My process is very natural and unposed. I talk to you, we chat about your business, we laugh, we make jokes, I watch you (not in a creepy way) go about your business, and I end up in very awkward positions to get those shots you need. This is why you hire a professional photographer to do your shoots. Fake smiles and overly posed photos can not be found at Georgina Ford Photos!

OMG. I am a little excited now, but what do I wear?

I have client wardrobe inspiration boards to address just this issue. I provide wardrobe advice to all of my clients. I usually tell clients to wear something that they would wear to meet up with their customers. For some people that is jeans, for others it is a uniform or a suit. But here is my top tip, don't rush out and buy something new and put it on for the very first time for your shoot - because you might be uncomfortable, or find out it has an itchy tag and that will show on your face and you will constantly be pulling at your clothes. Be comfortable, and professional.

How do I find a branding photographer?

Instagram, Facebook, or Google are your best bets to find a photographer whose style you like, that lives near you. Remember, for truly lasting brand images you want your imagery to be true color so that your logos etc are represented correctly. Be careful of getting branding photography that uses trendy filters as these date very quickly and you will have to reshoot much more regularly to keep your imagery on-trend.

If you like my branding imagery, please reach out to me on my contact form below. If you are a small business based in Evergreen, Conifer, or Bailey, I am giving 50% off branding photoshoots until July 13th 2020 to help your business get back on track after COVID.


Sanaz Ashrafian

"Georgina is a great photographer! She took pictures of our office and made me feel comfortable the entire time. I have worked with other photographers and have felt so awkward standing in front of a camera but she made it so simple for me! She made sure to include me in the process as well which I really liked! I felt like my opinions of how the office should be photographed were taken into consideration."